Stylish and creative Australian Sapphire Jewellery since 1986

100% Australian Made - Rubyvale QLD Australia

Stylish and creative Australian Sapphire Jewellery since 1986 “Taylors Fine Sapphires” is situated in Rubyvale on the Sapphire Gemfields and specialize in Australian Blue, Yellow, Green and Parti-Colour Sapphires. All the Sapphire Jewellery features Natural Sapphires ethically mined and cut to exacting standards to ensure maximum colour and life in the gemstone. Jewellery designed and made by Taylors Fine Sapphires.


Australian Sapphire

Exclusive Sapphire Jewellery

Our Finest quality Australian Sapphires are cut from individually selected natural rough. Michael and Jane facet their Sapphires to the very highest standard to ensure maximum colour, brilliance and clarity. Matched with creative Australian Jewellery Designers and Goldsmiths to create unique, beautiful Jewellery.

Browse through our collections and indulge yourself or loved ones. Jewellery symbolises so many memories, moments, achievements and emotions.